Pipe and Duct Corrosion Products
Centrifugally Cast FRP
Fiberglass pipe ,centrifugally cast in pipe sizes from 1" throuth 14". Available in epoxy, vinyl ester, and 470 vinyl ester resin systems, with a 50-150 mil corrosion barrier.
Filament Wound Pipe
Filament wound pipe is available through 84" diameter in epoxy, vinyl ester, polyester, and fire retardant resins.
Dualcast FRP
Double containment piping systems designed to meet the latest government environmental regulations for the handling and transporting of hazardous liquids. Available in both epoxy and vinyl ester resins.
Fittings and Accessories  
A complete line of fittings and adhesives for each grade of pipe. The fittings and adhesives offer the same excellent corrosion resistance and temperature rating as the pipe, thus providing a totally compatible system.
Handlay-up Pipe Corrosion Products
Available up to 60" diameter in vinyl ester, polyester, epoxy and furan resins.
Dual Laminate Piping System
Dual laminate piping systems using thermoplastic liners bonded to FRP structural casings. The bonded liners give excellent vacuum rating. Linings include: CPVC, PVC, PVDF, PP, ECTFE, FEP and PFA. Fabricated or flanged parts available.
Manufactured from stress relieved homopolymer polypropylene. Suited especially to handle acids, alkalies, and organic solvents up to 200F. Pipe sizes availble from 1/2" through 48".
Corrosion Products
Stress releived, pure PVDF pipe is resistant to most inorganic chemicals, acids, salts, aliphatic and aromatic hydrocarbons, halogens, organic acids, and alcohol up to 280F. Pipe sizes available from 1/2" to 12".
Valves and Dampers  
Composite Valves Corrosion Products
Non-metallic composite ball and butterfly valves, reinforced with FRP or graphite. Available in Derakane 470 vinyl ester resin, ryton, polysulfone (sodium hydrochlorite service), and ceramic lined (for abrasive service).
Fiberglass Dampers
Corrosion resistant fiberglass ventilators, louvers and dampers for both round and rectangular ducts.
PTFE Lined Steel Pipe  
PTFE lined steel Pipe, fittings, and Dip Tubes and Spargers Corrosion Products
PTFE, the most commonly used flouropolymer in lined steel, has excellent high-temperature corrosion resistance to virtually all chemicals. In addition, PTFE possesses unusual non-stick properties which can reduce or eliminate the buildup of deposits on the pipe walls.
Expansion Joints / Packing
Expansion Joint
PTFE expansion joints are designed to compensate for misalignment and to absorb expansion and contraction and isolate vibration.
Tower Packing / Internals Corrosion Products
Available in a multitude of geometrical configurates as well as materials of construction, an optimal packing is available for every practical area of application.
Tanks / Scrubbers / Columns
Fiberglass reinforced plastic filament wound or handlay-up, through 20' diameter in shop and 120' diameter field installations.
Corrosion Products
Dual Laminate
PVC, CPVC, PP, PVDF, ECTFE, FEP, and PFA liner with FRP overwrap through 14' diameter.
PVC, CPVC, PP, and PVDF through 4' diameter.
Corrosion Products
Grating / Treads Corrosion Products
Non-skid, corrosion-resistant fiberglass grating and treads. Grating available in molded and pultruded, either vinyl ester or polyester resings. Many sizes available, and all are fire retardant.
Handrail / Guardrail
FRP handrail and guardrail systems.
Corrosion Products
Walkways / Platforms  
Total fabrication capability of walkways, platforms and structures.
Fiberglass Structural Extrusions Corrosion Products
Fiberglass structural shapes utilizing plate, angle, I-beam, channel, square tube, rod and special form profiles.
Fiberglass Door and Frame System Corrosion Products
FRP Doors and Frames
Custom made, light weight, sealed fiberglass doors are corrosion proof. Constucted using only the finest materials. ASTM E-84 fire rated doors.